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  The Christmas Stocking Project has now evolved into making Back Pack for the adults and Christmas Stockings for the children. We started making stockings in 2008 and continue to donate them to the Salvation Army's McKenna's House, an adult shelter in Concord, NH. Since we started this mission the amount of beds have increased and we have geared up with the increase need.

 Our Project begins with a “sit and sew” in July to get the projects started and ends in mid-December when the back packs and stockings are filled with donated personal care items, small toys and books, then delivered.
 Christmas Stocking & 
Back Pack Projects
Placemats for Meals on Wheels
P.O. Box 192.Concord.NH.03302-0192
We made and delivered over 50 quilts during 2019. These were sent to the Friends Program and Meals on Wheels. Our members have already made many quilts to be donated this year.  The ladies have been so generous with their materials and time! Keep up the fantastic job.

Along with the community quilts we have now taken up making pillow cases for Concord Hospital Pediatrics. In 2019, over 100 pillow cases were delivered! Ladies, please continue to make them as we are planning on making deliveries 3 times a year. The children and parents are very thankful for the gift and love the colors and prints of the pillowcases. Let's keep them smiling and make even more this year. 

Placemats are a wonderful mini quilt. You can practice machine quilting, hand quilting, bindings and enveloping. They can be 13″ by 19″ or 12″ x 18″ finished. Each side tells a story.  What a wonderful way to give the Meals-On-Wheels Program clients a ray of sunshine.   Because you care this program has been a blessing to many people who are house bound. And the need continues as 20 new clients are added each month. Keep sewing those placemats ladies.
Celebrating Concord Community Non-Profits
CQG Supports Local Non-Profits
Community Quilts
The mission of the Capital Quilters Guild is to encourage and promote the art of quilting 
through education and fellowship, while giving back to our community.
Capital Quilters Guild Supports the 
non-profit, Future In Sight

For 2019/20, our guild voted to support a local non-profit organization, Future In Sight, by making a quilt for their Annual Walk. Thank you to all the members who made blocks for this batik fabric, hunters star quilt. Due to Covid-19, Future In Sight has held the quilt for a future fundraising event. Visit their website, and support their fundraising efforts for clients in need of vision services at:

Pillowcases for Concord Hospital Pediatrics and Merrimack County Nursing Home
Image of a Fidgit Quilt used for Sensory Therapy. Approximately      18" X 18". Used by Patients at 
Nursing Homes.